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Open Invitation

If you have participated in the project and would like to contribute to the blog, please contact Gregory Sale.

I stopped by the ASU Art Museum today to see the walls getting painted for Gregory’s residency.  While the show officially started at the beginning of the month, now it feels legitimate.  The “Opening” is on 18 February 2011.  I counted six inmates and seven sheriff guards.  I was surprised to see how many other people were there, too, documenting and helping out.  Quite a few undergrads were on the team, the curator John Spiak was present, and School of Art Director Adriene Jenik made an appearance.

Personally, I was surprised ay how chatty everyone was, the guards, prisoners, and helpers.  Everyone was talking to everyone the whole time I was there.  For some reason I thought this would be a solemn event.  There was a slight tension in the air, but I think it was a personal tension that I imposed on my interpretation of the space rather than something inherent to the circumstances.  Or did you sense it, too?

If you didn’t hear about this event happening in advance you should go to art museums more often.  For security reasons the exact date and time of this event could not be released to the public before it happened.

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