It’s not just black and white takes the form of an extended installation (in ASU Art Museum's large, first floor gallery space) coordinated with live performances and mediated events.  The project aspires to give voice to the multiple constituents who are involved with the corrections, incarceration and the criminal justice systems. The Museum gallery space will operate as a site for developing and displaying visual and mediated exhibitions, dance and other staged events, discussions, readings and performances. As the title, It’s not just black and white implies, the intent of the project is to explore and expose the many often conflicting viewpoints, perspectives and values that generate from serious considerations of justice and public safety.  Over the course of the project, there is a plan to engage incarcerated men and women and their families as well as parolees, ex-inmates, correctional officers, elected officials, government employees, media representatives as well as researchers from disciplines of study across ASU and from the community.

Three programs will be on-going throughout It’s not just black and white.

Pearls were a series of artistic gestures or collaborative artistic workshops and activities. These programs provided an artistic framing for the overall project.

Through (re)SEARCH, project participants were able to explore the impact of modern criminal justice through direct experience of fact-based tours and forums.

Open Bookings established a shared space for public programming during times not set aside for the previously identified activities. This flexible space for classes, performances and discourse was shared by individuals and organizations demonstrating a sustained interest in civil justice and contemporary practices of law and order.