Pearls is a series of collaborative artistic actions and workshops.  For public safety or privacy, certain of these in-gallery programs may require the gallery to be closed to visitors.

paint - creates an installation in the gallery with the participation of inmates enrolled in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) reentry/rehabilitation ALPHA program. This installation serves as an instructional platform featuring public forums, panel discussions, and social actions during the residency period.

dance - involves female inmates who are taking dance classes through the Journey Home Project. Concurrently their daughters who participate in the Girl Scouts Beyond Bars will study dance at the museum.  At the end of their study, both groups will participate in a dance workshop in which the daughters at the museum perform for and with their incarcerated mothers, while their mothers dance at Estrella Jail. The two sites will be linked in a virtual connection through a live video feed. The Mother Daughter Distance Dance will be led by choreographer Elizabeth Johnson and dancer Teniqua Broughton.

write - is an Inside/Outside Prison Writing Workshop.  Authors will read from their work about their experiences as present or former convicts and prison workers.  Prison writing-workshop volunteers and former participants in the program will lead interactive writing exercises. The program is organized by writer Ken Lamberton, poet and UA professor Erec Toso, and poet and UA Regents Professor Richard Shelton. It builds on Richard Shelton’s 30 years as a prison volunteer with the Arizona State Prison Complex.

dismantle - is an invitation to write, draw or record on a wall that will be torn down.  Inmates from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office were first invited to record their thoughts on this non-load-bearing wall in the gallery.  Other museumgoers will then have the opportunity to write or draw or record their thoughts on the same wall.  The instructions were given as follows:  "Is it lock or key that keeps us free?  If the system was more visible would we change it?  How? Write, draw or record your thoughts.  Keep it clean…" The wall as imprinted with these thoughts and drawings will be torn down in April 2011.